I have the privilege of being one of Joan’s first clients. She represented me both as a seller and a buyer. My experience with Joan has been a lesson in Faith, Commitment and most importantly, Integrity. Joan’s priority has always been her clients needs, nothing else. Yes, it was her job, she needed to make money like everyone else, but she would not compromise in order to make a profit. She did her job even when there was nothing to be gained, but to see her clients attain their dream.

I greatly admire, Joan for her selflessness, her desire to see everyone accomplish their goals, her professionalism and her commitment to those who entrust their business to her.
I have had experience with the Real Estate world, and my conclusion is that Joan Hynes is One In A Million. In addition to her character, she has a stellar resume and reputable connections. Joan’s trustworthiness makes the process of buying and selling real estate a stress free experience.

Joan D. Haynes Blessed Real Estate, is aptly named because it’s owner is truly Blessed.

-Judy Coker

I would like to take a moment to express appreciation and thanks to Ms. Haynes for finding me my dream home. Although it was short sale, the entire process took less than 2 months. I have heard stories where people that purchase short sale properties that took 6 months and longer to close. I can’t stop thinking of Joan Haynes and the outstanding service she provided me with. Her attentiveness to all my needs for example, my wish list, responding to my e-mails most times within minutes and returning all my calls promptly.

Thank you for your advice, expert negotiation and for voluntary following up with my Mortgage Broker and my Attorney, etc. I have dealt with other Real Estate Offices before and it seems as though all they are interested in was getting their commission and not to make sure that the customer is properly serviced. Thank God I met Joan D. Haynes Blessed Real Estate LLC. This is truly an appropriate name for your Real Estate because as the name implies, you are truly blessed, your very actions in dealing with your customers are blessed which includes the very qualities aforementioned i.e. honesty, reliability, ethics.

-Beryl Gay

Now that my wife and I have settled in our dream home, I would like to take the time to say thanks to Joan Haynes for her hard work and dedication in making it happen. Joan was very patient and helped us find what we wanted and stayed with us through every step of the way, even beyond closing. She was very attentive to the needs of my wife and me. She was always available to answer our question. Our experience with Ms. Haynes put us at ease throughout the entire Real Estate process. We enjoyed the quality of professionalism that she provided to us. We will definitely do business with her again and refer her to our family and friends.

-Mr. and Mrs. F. Richards

I purchased my first home in February 2013 and must confess that I was not the easiest client to please. I guess this was due, in part, to my anxiety to ensure that as a single parent, I was investing in a home I could afford and that my children and I truly loved. However, in choosing Joan Haynes as my agent, I selected a person who truly cared about meeting MY needs and throughout the home hunting and ownership transferal process, she coached and addressed all of my questions (and I had plenty) with respect and professionalism and exhibited attention to details and showed genuine customer service. Joan even ensure that I filed my Star Rebate form for my Property Tax exemption in a timely manner, needless to say I knew nothing about this but she guided me through the process.

My children and I are enjoying our new home and look forward to spending many years in our new community.

Because of her commitment, dedication and trustworthiness, I highly recommend Joan Haynes of Joan D. Haynes Blessed Real Estate LLC, for your homeowner needs.

-Michelle Dover

We have heard many stories about how hard it is to find a good and honest Real Estate agent who won’t take you for a ride. How grateful we are that we had Joan Haynes as our agent in the search for our first home.

Joan displayed a great work ethic, always on time, and always ready to go above and beyond what was required to find me and my wife our dream home. Beyond the mechanics of the search, Joan’s advice and guidance was invaluable, as she advised us on what to look for, what and where to stay away from, and how to look for “true potential” in a house. Joan showed genuine concern and consideration for what we wanted, not for what she wanted to sell us.

We spent many evenings into nights roaming through Brooklyn and Queens, sometimes seeing 8 to 12 houses per road trip, from Carnarsie to East Flatbush, Rosedale to Cambria Heights, Laurelton to Springfield Gardens, Jamaica to St. Albans, Joan was so encouraging and showed patients and professionalism through the whole process, even though at times it was frustrating and disappointing for me and my wife not walking into a house we really like…

Many Real Estate agents try to sell you the next costliest house on their listing so they can get the most commission possible, they never really seem to exhibit good business morals, just money hawking skills. Joan with you I must say, its morals over money, as you showed great patience and professionalism with me and my wife until we eventually found our dream home in Laurelton, Queens… Yay

Mr and Mrs S Greenidge — Happy home owner.

Blessed. That’s truly what you are when working with Joan Haynes. She is not just an agent trying to close on a house, she’s your champion determined to get you into your new home. When your spirit is low because you just can’t find that perfect combination of price and space, she is your champion. When you are exhausted from the countless showings, she is your champion. Then, when she finds you that perfection combination and it is time to make a deal, SHE is your champion.

Blessed, is what I am to know Joan and have her as my champion during my first home purchase.

-Tasha Edmead (First time home owner)